Antaeus to release new Chillout Electronica EP

Antaeus achieved worldwide success as an award-winning studio musician/producer with his three previous albums Byzantine Meditation, World Prayer and Zero4.

His music has been described as a “chill-out soundscape fusing voices, traditional instruments and electronica.” It can easily fall under the world beat, downtempo, new age and chill EDM genres. His musical style has been compared to Enigma, Petit Biscuit, Deep Forest and Amethystium. His songs have been licensed for TV commercials, and have been used in various compilations, including Buddha Bar.

Antaeus now presents Chromasounds, scheduled for an April 30, 2021 release (Monom Records/The Orchard/Sony Music). Ten new songs, including a downtempo remake of his own hit “Byzantine Meditation,” and a new recording of “Procedamus In Pace,” the Gregorian chant made famous by the group Enigma in their track “Sadeness.” Only this time, Antaeus does not use the infamous sample, but has recorded Steven Wilson of twice Grammy‐nominated vocal group, New York Polyphony.

Another notable collaboration is with Yaksta, an upcoming Jamaican artist who was recently heavily praised at BBC Radio’s 1Xtra. Other featured voices are Greek-Canadian Christina Ralli and New Yorker Natalis, also 2x’s Grammy-nominated. Contributors include Harry Papadopoulos (keyboards) and Lefteris Bournias (clarinet).

The new songs were composed and produced at various locations around the world, including Antaeus’ studio in Manhattan, New York, Phos Studio in Athens, Greece and Monom Recording in Kingston, Jamaica.

Every song, every chord, every note has a story inside it. What’s behind Antaeus’ Chromasounds? In his own words, “The concept was born some time ago, by researching the relationship of sounds and colors. Throughout the making of this project, synesthesia was guiding the energy inside the various studios. Colors, scents, flavors and emotions were morphing into vivid sounds.”

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